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Anyone else having issues?

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playforward said...
  • frustrated
Whenever I enter a game on this I end up with like 3 other people and it's dead. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there something restricting me from joining a full active game like I used to be able to do?
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hmm, not sure here. Battlefield 2 players? Anyone? Bueller?
I've got this on PC...is the issue just a 360 thing?
@jlandis, not sure how B2 is but Bad Company 2 puts me in either a black hole with a few other players or nobody really plays anymore..
@Kaubs, any issues on PC? Do you have the expansions? I was thinking because I didn't have the expansion its matchmaking capabilities throw me in a different group..
i dont know. i havent it in awhile
@playforward, I'll fire up my BFBC2 tonight and we will see what happens. Yeah, its on pc and I do have the xpacs.
(hops in, looks around sly-like; glares @jlandis, hops into the air like Batman)
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